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3CX Phone System | 10X IT
3CX by 10X IT

3CX Business Phone System

Your Exceptional Communication and Collaboration Solution

Are You Experiencing Frequent Phone Downtimes and Unreliable Communication Technology at Your Business?

Experience advanced communication with 3CX, with options for cloud-hosted, on-premises, or Call4Tel 3CX PBX Appliance deployments. 3CX is an open-standard, software-based PBX system that boasts cutting-edge technology and innovative features. Work seamlessly with popular IP phones and enjoy comprehensive unified communications, including web conferencing, presence, softphones, smartphone clients, and more. Say goodbye to the inflated costs and management headaches of traditional telephone systems!

3CX is a tried and tested solution with over 250,000 installations worldwide, and is known as one of the most secure PBX systems on the market. It delivers simple, affordable, secure, and flexible communication solutions to any customer. As a proud certified 3CX partner, 10X IT is more than qualified to deploy, maintain, and manage this solution for our valued customers - whether for home, office, or mobile use, we're ready and able to bring this solution to you.

Why 3CX From 10X IT?

Free Video Conferencing | 3CX | 10X IT

Free Video Conferencing

Other free solutions limit your meeting to 40 minutes, with 3CX you can talk for hours! No need for separate apps, you get enterprise-level video conferencing that’s secure, easy to use & free. 

Free Video Conferencing | 3CX | 10X IT

Set up online meetings through your calendar or simply hook up with remote teams or customers through your unique '3CX Meet' link.

Invitees can join a scheduled or ad-hoc meeting directly from their browser without downloading any apps.

Work from Home | 3CX | 10X IT

PBX: Reinvented For Mobility

Accelerate your businesses growth with 3CX phone system. Don’t just rely on phone calls! Use Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, business SMS and Video Conferencing too. All this from a single client so no switching between apps. Choose from web, desktop and mobile clients or easily connect a supported IP Phone. Ready to make the change? 

Work from home | 3CX | 10X IT
Reinvented for remote  workforce | 3CX | 10X IT
Take your Business Phone anywhere | 3CX | 10X IT

Take Your Business
Phone Anywhere

  • Use your office number to take calls on your smartphone.

  • iOS / Android apps keep team connected via calls, video conference & chats.

  • Includes Web Client and Desktop Apps. Ideal for enabling a remote workforce.

  • Update your status to show when you’re available or away on holiday.

Take your business phone anywhere | 3CX | 10X IT
Free Live Chat | 3CX | 10X IT

Live Chat -
Chat with Your Customers

As many as 50% of live chats end up being forwarded to the call center… with the customer having to explain everything again! In these cases live chat systems are yet another obstacle prolonging resolution times. Not so with 3CX Live Chat! The customer or chat agent can instantly elevate the chat to a call to explain better. Customer’s query with history can be shared with other team members for their feedback to resolve issues faster. And it’s not just live chat or voice - handle your WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS messages from the same interface. Get live chat for your business without paying extra per user per month!

Chat with your customers | 3CX | 10X IT
Handle your WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS messages from the same interface | 10X IT
3CX Talk Link Free | 10X IT

Give Out Your Own Personalized '3CX Talk' Link

  • Create custom links to connect with customers with no charges.

  • Get them to call or join your video meeting just by clicking on the link.

  • No dialing of numbers, or calls via PSTN or installing video apps.

  • Place it in email signatures, biz cards or web.

Give out your own personalized '3CX Talk' link | 10X IT
Cost-Effective and Flexible: Expands as Your Business Flourishes | 10X IT

Cost-Effective and Flexible:
Expands as your Business Flourishes!

Experience cost savings and flexibility with 3CX—one annual fee based on system size. Connect your existing IP phones and enjoy low call costs with 10X IT's Voice solutions. Streamlined administration with automated upgrades and backups, no bolt-ons required!

Goodbye per-Extension Pricing! | 3CX | 10X IT

Goodbye per-Extension Pricing!

Save big with 3CX's pricing model! Instead of charging per user, we offer a low annual price per system. This allows you to bring your own numbers and have complete control over your telco costs. Say goodbye to bundled phone numbers and unexpected call charges. Choose between getting it hosted or having it on premises, giving you flexibility and options. And the best part? There are no multi-year contract lock-ins, giving you the freedom to switch or upgrade as needed.

Goodbye per-extension pricing! Save big! One low annual price per system - not per user | 3CX | 10X IT
Experience unlimited, uncapped business calls with a fixed, low monthly bill 10X IT

Unlimited, Uncapped Business Calls with a Fixed, Low Monthly Bill

Experience crystal-clear business calls anywhere in the world with our comprehensive Voice solution, giving you the freedom to make unlimited uncapped calls to any destination worldwide. You will only be charged based on the number of simultaneous calls you need.

Image by Jack Finnigan

Our Popular Unlimited, Uncapped Calling Packages

5 / 10 Channels Unlimited Uncapped Voice

  • Unlimited Uncapped Calls Worldwide

  • Unlimited Extensions

  • 5 Concurrent outbound channels

  • 10 Concurrent inbound channels 

  • Free Number Porting / New Geographical Number

From R 1299 EX VAT P/M

10 / 20 Channels Unlimited Uncapped Voice

  • Unlimited Uncapped Calls Worldwide

  • Unlimited Extensions

  • 10 Concurrent outbound channels

  • 20 Concurrent inbound channels 

  • Free Number Porting / New Geographical Number

From R 3199 EX VAT P/M

15 / 30 Channels Unlimited Uncapped Voice

  • Unlimited Uncapped Calls Worldwide

  • Unlimited Extensions

  • 15 Concurrent outbound channels

  • 30 Concurrent inbound channels 

  • Free Number Porting / New Geographical Number

From R 6499 EX VAT P/M

It is mandatory to have a dedicated last-mile connection (either via fiber, LTE or 5G) to the 10X IT network.

The quality of service will depend on the stability of your internet connection.

Need a Custom Business Phone System?

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3CX Features Matrix

Get 3CX For Free | 10X IT

How It Works

Choose the best setup for your business communication needs with the 3CX Phone System, available in Professional and Enterprise versions. These versions can be cloud hosted, on-premises or on Call4Tel 3CX Appliances through 10X IT. Most versions include our unlimited calling solution. For businesses requiring Call Center Solutions or Hotel Phone Systems, we offer a call-per-second billing plan for cost-effectiveness and flexibility.


Experience seamless communication with the 3CX Phone System and unlock your business's potential!

10X IT 3CX Business Voice Uncapped

Why Choose 3CX Over Other Communications System Alternatives?

With so many business phone systems on the market today, it’s no surprise that customers have a hard time figuring out which communications system would be best for their business. Of course, we believe that 3CX is the best thing out there, but choosing the right business communications system will be the most important decision you will ever make for your company. You want to ensure that your solution stays with you for the long haul without having to backtrack as your business starts to grow.

Few Points to Consider to Make an Informed Decision:

Take into consideration the cost to set up and price over time. 3CX is the only business communications system on the market that charges based on simultaneous calls and not per extension. Think about it, whenever is everyone at the office on a call at the same time? Why pay per employee extension when you don’t have to.

Working Remotely

Communication involves more than just voice. Even if you don't currently have plans for a remote working program, it's wise to be prepared in case it becomes necessary in the future. To this end, it's important to choose a phone system that allows your workers to work from home with ease. 3CX offers video conferencing, online chat, and mobile apps that are all integrated and included in the initial price. Avoid getting bogged down with additional costs, especially when considering future growth.

Customer Service

In today’s competitive market it’s important to never miss that call. Choose a phone system with integrated call centre features to ensure customer satisfaction. 3CX can link calls to customer records and integrates with the largest number of CRM and Helpdesk packages on the market. What’s more, with the Live Chat plugin, customers can contact directly from your website, easily and for free.

Revolutionize Your Business Communications with Business Voice Uncapped 

Business Voice Uncapped by 10X IT, which comes bundled with most 3CX deployments. This service can significantly reduce your communication costs and provide unlimited calling to your customers and clients. With Business Voice Uncapped, you get unrestricted uncapped calling to any number worldwide (Fixed and Mobile), which means that you can make as many calls as you need without worrying about exceeding your plan's limit or incurring additional charges. This service helps you stay connected with your clients and colleagues at all times, and ensures that your business communications are always reliable and cost-effective. Additionally, our plans are flexible and can be customized to meet your specific needs, so you can choose the plan that works best for your business and budget.

3CX Partner | 10X IT
3CX Partner | 10X IT
3CX Advanced Certified Technicians | 10X IT
3CX Advanced Certified Technicians | 10X IT
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