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Call Center Management

Keep on Top of Your Call Center

In depth call reporting and management is essential for gaining real-time insights into your contact center performance and customer needs. How long do your agents spend on a phone call? What’s the number of calls they make and receive? What is the overall performance of your queues? Which agent is under performing or burning out? SLA statistics, unanswered calls, abandoned calls – the list goes on. With 3CX’s advanced Call Reporting feature, you can utilize reports to make informed decisions about your business, restructure your call center, optimize agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Call Center Solutions | 10X IT

Detailed Call Center Reporting 

  • Evaluate individual call center agent performance.

  • Check how well agents perform as a team.

  • Get insights into the customer experience.

  • Take action to restructure and streamline the customer journey.

Keep on top of your call center | 3CX | 10X IT

Make Sure to Stay on Top of Your Call Center.

Choice of Performance Reports

Choice of Performance reports | 3CX | 10X IT
  • User activity reports.

  • Extension statistics reports.

  • Average talking time.

  • Call distribution.

Quality of Service Reports

  • Queue callbacks reports.

  • Statistic & breaches SLA.

  • Queue answered calls by wait time.

  • Team queue calls.

Quality of service reports | 3CX | 10X IT

Agent Chat Reports

  • Evaluate your website live chat with various chat reports.

  • Queue chat performance: to adjust agent scheduling.

  • Queue Agents Chat Statistics: to review performance.

  • Abandoned Chats: Lists unanswered messages.

Agent Chat reports | 3CX | 10X IT

Revolutionize Your Customer Support Experience

At 10X IT, we understand the importance of detailed call center reporting and management in achieving real-time insights into your contact center performance and customer needs. That's why we're excited to introduce the advanced Call Reporting feature of 3CX Call Center.

Gain Deeper Insights for Informed Decision-Making

With 3CX's comprehensive reports, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your call center, boost agent productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our reports provide valuable information such as call duration, agent performance, queue statistics, SLA statistics, abandoned calls, and more.

Evaluate Individual and Team Performance

Assess the performance of your call center agents individually as well as collectively as a team. Identify areas of improvement, streamline the customer journey, and take action to enhance the overall customer experience.

Choose from a Variety of Performance Reports

Our performance reports give you the flexibility to track user activity, extension statistics, average talking time, call distribution, and more. These reports empower you to monitor key metrics and ensure that your call center is operating at optimal efficiency.

Ensure Quality of Service

Stay on top of your call center's performance with quality of service reports. Keep track of queue callbacks, breached SLA statistics, queue answered calls by wait time, and team queue calls. With these insights, you can proactively address any issues and deliver consistently excellent customer service.

Evaluate Chat Performance

In addition to call reporting, 3CX Call Center also provides comprehensive chat reports. Evaluate the performance of your website live chat, review chat statistics, adjust agent scheduling, and address abandoned chats or unanswered messages. These insights help you optimize your chat support systems and increase customer satisfaction.

At 10X IT, we believe in constantly striving for excellence in customer support. With 3CX Call Center and our expertise, you can transform your call center into a well-oiled machine, ensure seamless communication between agents and customers, and elevate your business to new heights of success.

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