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We'll be Your IT Department

Cost-Effective and Hassle-Free Managed IT Solutions for Your Business

Tired of Constant Downtime, Unreliable Technology, and Unpredictable Costs?

Being business owners ourselves, we understand the frustration of wanting everything to run smoothly. That's why we've spent years developing managed IT services automation, flat-rate plans, and predictable fixes that cater to businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Business with Managed IT Solutions from 10X IT

Managed IT Solutions | 10X IT

What are Managed IT Solutions?

10X IT Managed IT Services offers businesses complete solutions to efficiently manage their IT infrastructure. From system updates and network security to dedicated help desk support, businesses can count on 10X IT to meet their technical needs while they focus on their core business. With 10X IT's managed IT services, businesses can improve efficiency, enhance security, and have peace of mind knowing that their IT is being taken care of by experts.

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We are Here to Lighten Your Load

  1. Simplify your IT by outsourcing to us

  2. Gain a dedicated IT department instantly

  3. Tap into the expertise of experienced professionals with over 20 years of field experience

  4. Benefit from round-the-clock monitoring and protection for your network and devices

  5. Access unlimited IT support and enjoy perks of having a managed IT service provider

  6. Enjoy cost predictability with IT plans tailored to your needs

Meeting Business Challenges with Managed IT Solutions

Leave IT Frustrations Behind with Our Professional Services | 10XIT

Empowering IT Management

Managing IT systems can be a complex and frustrating endeavor for business leaders. At 10X IT, our professional services take the stress out of technology management. We identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and cyber risks, ensuring seamless operations and compliance with security standards. Say goodbye to IT frustrations and hello to efficient, reliable technology management with 10X IT.

Proven Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Strengthened Processes | 10X IT

Proven Solutions for Efficiency

Elevate your business with our managed IT solutions. We optimize IT infrastructure, boost productivity, and enhance internal processes. Our experts create tailored strategies aligned with your goals. Leveraging the latest tech and best practices, we ensure peak performance. With a proven track record, we deliver innovative solutions for results-driven success.

Upgraded Equipment: Stay Ahead with the Latest Technology | 10X IT

Stay Ahead with Upgraded Equipment

Outdated assets shouldn't hold your business back. 10X IT offers a solution for updated equipment needs. Whether you want to replace old assets or stay current with technology, our rental service has you covered. Access a wide range of cutting-edge ICT equipment, from computers to network devices. Upgrade as your business evolves, without hefty upfront costs. Our flexible plans suit all budgets, ensuring you're always ahead in technology.

Managed IT Services that Work for Your Business

27/7 IT Support | 10X IT

Boost Efficiency with 10X IT's Managed IT Support

With our managed IT support service, 10X IT provides comprehensive resources to help you achieve your business goals. From resolving IT issues to identifying technology gaps and cybersecurity threats, our team takes care of it all. Save time, money, and stress by allowing us to manage your systems while you focus on core operations. Let our team support and protect yours.

Reliable, Swift IT Helpdesk Support for Uninterrupted Business Growth | 10X IT

Reliable, Swift IT Helpdesk Support for Uninterrupted Business Growth

At 10X IT, we offer reliable IT Helpdesk support, including remote assistance within 15 minutes of logging a ticket. We pride ourselves on resolving 95% of all tickets remotely within 30 minutes. We understand that for your business, having a dependable support team is essential. Our dedicated experts are committed to minimizing disruptions and downtime, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Partner with 10X IT for steadfast support that keeps your business on the path to success.

IT Infrastructure Management | 10X IT

IT Infrastructure Management

Our experts provide comprehensive management of your IT infrastructure ranging from hardware, software, network security, and maintenance. With our support, your systems are always up-to-date, secure, and performing seamlessly.

Update Management Service
Simplify IT Health with our Update Management Service | 10X IT

Simplify IT Health with Our Update Management Service

Your IT's personal doctor. We perform regular check-ups and install patches to keep your systems running smoothly and protected from cyber threats. Trust us to prioritize your IT health so you can focus on your business success.

Cloud Backup Solutions | 10X IT

Data Backup and Recovery

We prioritize protecting your valuable business data by implementing robust backup solutions to safeguard your files and ensure quick data recovery in case of any unexpected incidents or disasters.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions | 10X IT

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

At 10X IT, we understand the critical importance of cybersecurity in today's digital landscape. That's why we offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect your business from potential cyber threats and attacks. Our team of experts specializes in the latest cybersecurity techniques and technologies to ensure the highest level of protection for your valuable data and assets.

Business Continuity | 10X IT

Business Continuity Solutions

We know that unexpected events can disrupt business operations and lead to financial loss, customer churn and reputational damage. That's why we offer comprehensive business continuity solutions to help you minimize the impact of disruptions and maintain smooth business operations. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we can help you develop a business continuity plan that addresses potential risks and vulnerabilities. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from unforeseen events.

Managed IT Services | 10X IT

Our Packages


Managed Anti Virus and Anti Malware

Basic Protection

Business Standard Edition

Shared and Personal Cloud Storage

Business-class email and calendaring.

Cloud Backup -

Acronis Backup Software

24/7 IT Helpdesk

Onsite Support - 

Following Business Day Response Time for critical support issues.

(Virtual Chief Information Officer)

IT Equipment included on rental basis

Need a Custom Managed IT Solution?

Schedule a Free Consultation

Three Easy Steps to Access Affordable Professional Managed IT Solutions

Why Choose 10X IT's Managed IT Solutions?

Cost Efficiency

At 10X IT, we know how important it is to have a predictable IT budget for your business. Our experts work closely with you to optimize your IT costs and align your strategies with your budget goals. With transparent pricing and efficient solutions, we help you streamline operations, reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary IT expenses so you have full control over your IT budget.

Peace of Mind

With our proactive monitoring and 24/7 support, you can have peace of mind knowing that your IT systems are in capable hands. We take care of all the technical aspects, so you can focus on running your business without disruptions.


Our Managed IT Solutions are designed to scale with you as your business grows. We adapt our services to meet your changing requirements, ensuring that your technology infrastructure is always aligned with your business goals.

At 10X IT, we are committed to providing our clients with streamlined operations and top-notch IT support, giving you the freedom to focus on your core business functions. Partner with us and simplify your IT operations while boosting your business efficiency. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our Managed IT Solutions can benefit your business.

Elite Partner Network

Empowering Your Vision with Our Network of Industry-Leading Partners

The 10X IT Promise

Many years ago, we made a solemn promise to always prioritize the interests of our clients' businesses in every decision we make as we support their Communication and IT networks, cloud solutions, and technology procurement processes. We treat our clients' businesses as if they were our own, caring deeply about their success and cost savings. We take great care to ensure that every decision we make is in their best interest, and we keep this promise in mind, no matter the industry or client we work with.

You Will Always Be Informed

We deliver regular performance metrics along with a yearlong schedule. You will receive a copy of every ticket and be updated upon any changes or resolution.

Your Data is Safe

When you implement our recommended plan, your information is always safe and secure as we follow the highest industry standards for data security and work with you to protect your information.

We are Your Strategic Partner

We get to know your business, your objectives, and your processes intimately. Then we work with you to customize a technology strategy to match your current and future business operational needs.

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